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Wear Valley Aerosols takes a proactive approach towards compliance. We recognise that, whilst systems such as ISO9001 require significant efforts to implement and maintain, they provide substantial reassurance to customers and create effective internal systems.

As a result, we have a  fully audited QA system in place that meets the ISO9001 and ISO22716 Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practice. In addition, we operate to the particular requirements for the aerosols industry, including standards in non-UK territories.

Of course, for many customers, our focus on bag-on-valve technology provides automatic compliance in many usage situations. 


Our aerosol technologies are inherently less damaging than most traditional aerosol solutions. However, we recognise that we, and other partners in the supply chain, operate in a manner that produces an environmental impact that we have a duty to manage.

As a result, we have an ongoing responsibility to minimise the environmental impact of our operations and supply chain, and we aim to surpass legal requirements and industry standards.

In order to turn words into actions, we adhere to corporate environmental policies and have internal systems based on key performance indicators that aim to reduce our carbon footprint, energy usage and resource intensity.

Health & Safety

We work hard to maintain safe workplaces, regardless of where we work and the processes involved.

To achieve high standards, we supplement the legal requirements placed upon WV Associates Ltd, with our own internal systems that have been developed over many years.

We have comprehensive internal safety management procedures. These include policy manuals, regulatory compliance checks, site action plans and risk assessments.

To complement this, we maintain training procedures and retain external expert consultants to guide the development of our Health & Safety policies.

All accidents and incidents are reported internally & preventative measure taken, where appropriate. Where required, we also report to, and work with, local regulatory authorities.

We encourage a 'safety first' culture among our employees, including the sharing of concerns and best practice.

Product Safety

We regard it as essential that our products are safe to use.

We comply with the Dangerous Preparations and Cosmetic Products Directives and with REACh (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) legislation.

Throughout our supply-chain, we ensure the maintenance of product safety standards, including appropriate labelling and packaging.

None of our product safety tests involve the use of animals.


WV Associates t/a Wear Valley Aerosols operates to a very simple ethical standard - that any external examination by a reasonable person would reveal a business that operates with professionalism, integrity and fairness, both internally and externally. 

We expect all our employees to behave legally, ethically and responsibly.This includes our commitment to operating an open equality and diversity policy internally and externally.

We demand that all our business dealings comply with the law and are undertaken with respect and integrity.

Our customers remain our primary focus at all times, as they are the life-blood of our business. Serving them is our principle goal.

We do not participate in any contracts or negotiations where inducements are requested or implied and we aim to treat our suppliers in a fair and professional manner.

We will never condone, and actively discourage, the transfer of confidential information or knowledge to an external third party.


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